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    Sudhakar Paints & Colours is a well known brand in Paints business, It has come a long way since its beginning. Our company is the most prominent manufacturer and supplier of Emulsion Paint, Wall Putty, Wall Care, Stuctures, Enamels, Construction Liquids, Water Profing Liquids and Distemper paint products. With our client-centric philosophy and unrelenting spirit, our company has grown by leaps and bounds, and is ready to hit the market with our new product portfolio under our corporate entity-Sudhakar Paint's & Colour's.

We feel that customer’s home stands as a proof to their values and style. So, be it interiors or exteriors, we invite our customers to take a look at our range of breath taking color combinations which will complement their life style, transform their cold, dingy and welcoming room in to a warm and bright space. Our professionals believe in utilizing the lessons learnt over the years to capitalize on new opportunities with path breaking ideas, and innovative products. And as a part, we have started our own manufacturing facility to produce high quality products.

Under the supervision of Naresh Kumar (Managing Director), we have been maximizing our quality since the time of our establishment. He is highly experienced and hard working. His in-depth knowledge in related field makes him capable to perform given tasks on time and give 100% productivity to the company.

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